About Hey Buddy Hey Pal

Hey Buddy Hey Pal started in 2015 when inventor Scott Houdashell was celebrating Easter with family and friends. “The [Eggmazing] idea came to me as I was watching nieces and nephews destroy the kitchen table with messy dyes. With a borrowed electric screwdriver, a hot glue stick and a spoon, the first generation of the The Eggmazing Egg Decorator was born”.
Image showing two men, one in a pink suit and one in a bunny suit, with their product "The Eggmazing Egg Decorator" on a table in the background.
Scott teamed up with long time friend Curtis McGill and formed the company Hey Buddy Hey Pal Investments. The company name derives from how the two have always greeted each other.
The pair had the first round of 10,000 Eggmazing Egg Decorators manufactured in 2017. That round sold out in 23 days and they knew they were in the egg business.
Scott and Curtis took the product along with The Treemendous Ornament Decorator on Shark Tank in February 2018. They succeeded in reeling in shark Lori Greiner for a deal and business has eggsploded since then with features on QVC, The Today Show, Fox News and many more.

Hey Buddy Hey Pal Gives Back

With the success of The Eggmazing, Hey Buddy Hey Pal was able to expand their line of products and grow their business egg-sponentially. At the beginning of 2019, Curtis and Scott wanted to share this success in the form of a $50,000 donation to the North Texas Make-A-Wish Foundation in honor of their nephew who battled leukemia.

In 2020 Hey Buddy Hey Pal also made a $75,000 donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


Image showing three men, one talking into a microphone, on holding a golden egg, and one smiling at the other two men.
Image showing a large group of people, each person holding up a decorated Easter egg.