Eggmazing FAQ

Most Important Tips

To get the best results from your Eggmazing Egg Decorator, make sure your eggs are:




Cold eggs can get condensation on the wheels of the motor and
cause spinning issues, and we can’t have that!  We also recommend extra large eggs because they spin the best and give you more coloring space!

Cleaning Your Decorator

Our decorators are simple to clean!  Just take a paper towel and put some rubbing alcohol on it.  Hold it against the motorized wheels lightly and turn on the machine for a few rotations.  Then just hold the paper towel against one of the free wheels and use the other to manually spin.  Do this to the other side and you are back to being clean for a new round of egg decorating fun! Check out one of our cleaning videos here.

Alternatives To Real Eggs

If you do not want to use real eggs in your Eggmazing decorator, we suggest plastic or wooden eggs as an alternative. We have seen great success with wooden eggs since they have weight like an actual egg which makes them spin like the real thing! If you choose plastic eggs, add some weight to them by putting candy or a small rubber ball inside so they will stay in the decorator.

You can also purchase our DinoMazing Mystery Eggs which work in any of our egg decorators. These plastic eggs also have a mystery dinosaur and non-sticky slime inside! Check them out here.

If A Rubber Band Comes Off

If you have an older version of one of our decorators and a red rubber band comes off of the wheel, watch this tutorial for re-installing here.

Markers - Are They Non-Toxic and Food Safe?

Our markers conform to ASTM D4236 and are classified as non-toxic but they are not classified as food safe.
Please see our below statement about consumption of decorated eggs.

Consuming Decorated Eggs (for your safety, we don't recommend it!)

We do not recommend consuming decorated eggs as we do not know how all of our consumers handle or mishandle eggs. Our eggs-pert legal team says "We are not providing the consumer with eggs and cannot be responsible for any sickness due to mishandling of eggs".

Our products have been tested and have passed all required U.S. safety guidelines. Our markers conform to ASTM D4236 and are classified as non-toxic.

Please check out the USDA website for handling tips at

Using Other Markers

Our markers are designed to be the fastest drying in the market, but you can use other markers. Just make sure they are fast drying and non toxic!

We also do not recommend using any water-based markers as they do not dry quickly and results might be unsatisfactory.

If you would like to purchase more of our markers, click here.

Getting Marker Stains Out Of Clothing

If you get a little too color hoppy, the best way to get marker stains out of clothing is by gently using some rubbing alcohol on the stained area until the stain is removed!

Decorating Techniques

Cleaning Your Decorator