So you got the Gift Box Ornament Decorator...

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Most Important Tips

Lay the decorator on a flat even surface.

Make sure the ornament is fully inserted into the machine before turning on.

Holding your marker from different angles will help to get the best coverage.

Waiting a few seconds before removing your ornament from the decorator will ensure it is dry and ready to be hung!

Make sure to click your marker cap completely closed to prevent drying out.

Product Instructions

Markers - Are They Non-Toxic and Food Safe?

Our markers conform to ASTM D4236 and are classified as non-toxic but they are not classified as food safe.

Please see our below statement about consumption of decorated eggs.

Using Other Markers

Our markers are designed to be the fastest drying in the market, but you can use other markers. Just make sure they are fast drying and non toxic!

We also do not recommend using any water-based markers as they do not dry quickly and results might be unsatisfactory.

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Product Page

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Need More Ornaments?

The Gift Box Decorator works with both the Treemendous and Variety Ornament Refills.

Treemendous Refills (Round)

Variety Refills

A collage of images showing a coloring page of ornaments, a stack of gift boxes, a word search, and a Christmas themed maze.

Treemendous Activities

Check out our free activity pages including a word search, maze, and coloring pages!

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The Reviews Are In!

"My nieces loved this! I purchased the easter egg maker for them earlier in the year and knew the ornament decorator was a must when I saw it. And now i have an ornament made by each of them that will be on my tree for years to come." - WildcatInKnox

"My 7 and 10 year old grandsons had a blast decorating these bulbs, and the bulbs turned out beautifully. They are now proudly displayed on their Christmas tree. One suggestion, buy additional bulbs. Everyone will want to get in on the fun." - JimEC

"If you like the egg decorator version you'll love this. Purchased for kids and they loved it. Decorating was fun and easy." - S.M.

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