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Wooden Eggs 12pk

Wooden Eggs 12pk

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Coming soon for all your decorating needs! Wooden Eggs by The Eggmazing Egg Decorator are manufactured to be the perfect alternative to hard boiled eggs. These white wooden eggs have the same weight and feel as a real egg, which makes for easy year round decorating with any of our Eggmazing Egg Decorators. These eggs are a great buy for crafting events, Easter holiday decorating, and so much more! Each box includes 12 wooden eggs. Decorators sold separately.

Product Contents

3 battery operated tea light candles

3 plastic screw top lid lights


Carve the excess off your pumpkin topper so you have a smooth even surface to screw your lid light into

Push the tea light into the lid light and turn it so you can access the on/off button

Find the center of your pumpkin topper and begin screwing the lid light into until fully inserted

Place your topper back in your pumpkin and enjoy the glow!

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A collage of images including a coloring page of a rundown haunted house, a stack of pumpkins, a word search, and 3 coloring pages with a cat, a pumpkin face, and a witch's hat.

Stack-O-Lantern Activities

Our free printable activities include: Halloween word search, two spooky coloring pages, and 10 different carving templates!

Let the Spooks Begin!