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The DinoMazing Egg Decorator

The DinoMazing Egg Decorator

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The DinoMazing Egg Decorator can make anyone into a palentologist! Put one of the two mystery eggs into the machine and the unique spinning action will help create colorful designs while eggs-posing the cracks. Crack open the eggs to reveal slime and a mystery dinosaur! Swap the dinosaurs' head and limbs to create your own breed!

Collect all mystery dinosaurs. Sold separately.

Product Contents

1 DinoMazing Egg Decorator

6 non-toxic markers. Includes: olive green, brown, lime green, blue, orange, and turquoise.

2 Mystery Dinosaur Egg Refills. Each include a mystery dinosaur egg and slime.


Place either a hard boiled egg or a mystery dinosaur egg in the opening of the DinoMazing Decorator.

Turn on the decorator. On/off switch is located on the side of the unit.

Remove lid/cap from one of the non-toxic markers and touch the tip of the markers to the spinning egg to create endless colorful designs!

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A collage of images including a T Rex, a Pterodactyl, a maze, a fun fact sheet, a crossword puzzle, and two coloring sheets with dinosaurs on them.

Dinomazing Activities

Our free printable activities include: Dinosaur crossword, "Escape The Lab!" Maze, Dino Fun Fact Page, and 10 dinosaur coloring pages!

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